Being Asked For Change While Running

IMG_20150317_190245_353I am sitting hear still sweating after a run.
While running I saw a man and lady walking across a parking lot.
The guy asked me if I had any change to spare.
I told then I had nothing with me.
As I continued to run, I tried to think of what Tweet sized post would best summarize this experience.
Something with the humor of someone asking for change from someone who was running seemed the best.
The nerve they had.
Then I thought of how slow my pace must had been to been asked while running.
Then many other things passed through my skull.
I might have been at a slow enough pace right then, that it was acceptable to ask.
There might have been some bushes between me and therefore they could not see my running legs.
They are in a situation where they are asking for change from strangers.
They were focused on there need and they asked.
At first I found humor, but realized there was more to this interaction.
Before I wrote this sentence I said a prayer for them as I realized I could at least do that.
What does them asking hurt?
Am I so focused to not see others?
Am I focused enough on my needs and wants to be willing to interact with strangers?

(Quick post – Food then shower to proceed after picture is added)

                                 What lesson did you pull from this interaction?

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“Dear bored of education, so are we.” – Propaganda

(A quote as a blog title.)
Here is Propaganda‘s video for “Bored of Education.”

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What lyrical line from this song stands out to you?

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