Three Words Floating In My Skull

unite and and untie and gift ///What is 2:14 a reference to?

Untie is actually one word. ;)

It is three days into the year 2015.

There has been three words that have been floating in my skull for the last few days.
Looking in my paper journal, I see that I got these words December 26th, 2014.
They have popped into my mind every day since then.

The three words are:

– Unite

– Untie

– Gift

The word unite, at least the concept, has been with for a while now.
I like to break words/phrases down, and I realized that on that day “unite” also spells untie.
“Gift” came to me later on that day.

I am not sure yet if there is an order to these words.
– When we unite, we untie a gift.
– A gift we are given is uniting and untying each other.

There is more I can say, but these words need to swim for a bit.
Having read some marked passages in 20,000 Days and Counting, by Robert D. Smith, this morning I read something along the lines of, “what one thing is something you would want out in the world if today was your last day?” (After going through the book, I could not find the exact quote, but I realized I want and need to read this book again.)

These three words do not feel like that are just words for me or just for this year, but part of my mission in life.

Thank you for reading this. There is a seed being planted here.

What comes to your mind with these three words?


Closed To “Open Availability”

Salutations and greetings.

AOpen Availability Not Neededs I have been looking through job postings, I cringe at appealing looking jobs and then I see “must have open availability.”  This got me to sharing my recent thoughts on schedules and what I would prefer.

I do not want to and I am not open to a twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Currently I have hard time commitments twice a week. Sundays I have church and related functions. Thursday afternoons I assist in leading the church youth group. (Might be changing to Wednesday in 2015)

Having these on my schedule are mental flagstones in my week and  I am happy to have them.

I had a job at a fast food place (irony is I do not eat fast food) that did not close at all during the year. This included working Christmas day. I will not complain as I did sign up to work at that place, but I was not happy about working that day instead of uniting with my family.

Having complete open availability at that place, meant that unless you were a shift manager or a lead “cook” you could be scheduled any time, minus roughly around 3am-5am. For people looking for flexible hours or where this was a second job or working around a school it had those benefits. For a time I had my availability open, minus Thursday evenings and Sundays. This sometimes meant getting off at 3am on Sunday and then being at church five hours later. After some time there I took some more college units(twelve), which led to a more regulated schedule.

Enough of going down that lane of memory.

I would prefer to work Monday through Friday from  7am-3:30pm or 8am-4:30pm.
If off at 3:30 I would have more available time to either to start/have a side job and/or take some classes. (This assumes I will be working hourly.)

Saturdays would be for side work/choirs/day trips/learning/family/friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sunday as I stated prior is church and related events and assisting
FreeFall Stage and growing friendships within those communities.

This does not mean I will not work outside those hours, but what I would prefer.

What are your preferred hours/days to work?






Area(s) to work/live in

As I am looking for work, I wanted to have a visual idea of where I am looking.

Not long ago I stumbled upon a way to draw lines on a map thanks to our overlords at Google. I wanted it to be able to easily share it and have it edible, I mean editable (I am currently hungry). After a few key strokes I rediscovered the service as Google My Maps.

Using it, I created this to show a rough area and a preferred area I want to work and move to.

Looking at this map I now can easily factor out areas if I end up working at an hourly pay and the cost margins on time and travel exceed the budget.

Does having something visual like this help you?

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