Hello world!

Dear you,

Thank you for visiting my super amazing blog.  I am in the midst of working on my finances and career.

I am learning about finances from Dave Ramsey and about careers from Dan Miller and others.  The “others” I will get to at a later time.  In all honesty,  I do not not know where to start with this blogging…

In all honesty, I know where to start… with the honestly that I do not know.  This is the diving board.  I created the platform: The URL and the accounts and I am jumping in.  You will see me in the deep end and the shallow end.  I have the desire to share, but have not done so.   I will be working on a personal mission statement, sharing my goals and fears and all around just sharing.  This will be just getting thoughts and feelings out so I can get them out of my skull and gleen from others and hopefully and encourage others along the way…

I can go on for a long time, but I rather not jump on the board to long…

Join me on my journey


The water is just right

How did you come across this page?

i love you,

K, bye

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