Update: 10-17-2014

Amazing title for the blog.

Where are the updates?

The updates were picture updates using Pressgram. I was part of a group of fellow users who were using the iPhone app to take and post a picture everyday of the year. Looking at my last post, I see that I got through 255 days of 2014. The app team decided pull the app for the iTunes store, but I was going to stick through the year as it become something fun to do everyday. Sadly, my iPhone 3GS died and has not been revived. (The outer buttons were not working, but I enjoyed seeing it still limp through day to day.) The daily picture updates ended there. The now iPhone 6/6+ had not come out yet, so I was waiting a bit. In the mean time I got a $60 “burner” phone with internet to keep my data plan alive.  (I only recommend this phone if you need a phone in between better smart phones.)

I still have that burner phone as I am currently looking for a new job and do not want to spend savings without more money coming in.

What is next? A new job(s) will be next.

For the mean time you can always find me on Twitter or follow me on Facebook.

Have a lovely rest of thee day.


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